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Hawke NATURE-TREK 10×25 MONOCULAR 35221. The Nature-Trek family has been sculpted to allow you to get closer to the environment wherever and however you travel. The range has been produced in a shock resistant polycarbonate waterproof body, providing a robust yet lightweight package. Optics are crisp and clear with notable natural colour reproduction. The smooth and precise rubber focusing wheel fits neatly against fingers and allows the image to focus at short distances down to 6.6ft/2m. The high grip green colour rubber armour ensures a secure hold in all weather conditions. Nature-Trek offers a complete range of binoculars from the very portable 25mm models up to the oversized 50mm models, ideally suited to low light conditions where a large exit pupil diameter is required. Included in the range are 42mm and 25mm monocular models, offering a superb viewing experience in an exceptionally compact package.