Hawke New AIRMAX 30 SF 3-12×50 AMX IR 13310

Rifle Scope by Hawke

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Hawke New AIRMAX 30 SF 3-12×50 AMX IR 13310Airguns can have a devastating effect on optics if the right products aren’t used. Hawke is an industry leader in developing specialised optics for serious airgun shooters and hunters. Airmax scopes are available in either 30mm or 1 inch chassis designs. Featuring the AMX reticle, which is based on mil spacing, the Airmax series have holdover and windage aim points perfect for pellet trajectories. All 30mm tube models have Side Focus parallax adjustment that can focus down to 10 yards/9 metres and have additional Side Focus wheels supplied in the box. Illuminated reticles maximize visibility in dark cover and brush. The new Airmax 30 SF Compact incorporate a shorter optical system, making them ideal for bull pup and forward loading air rifles. The Airmax 1 inch family has three magnification ranges to suit the needs of almost any shooter. Built with an Adjustable Objective chassis, the Airmax 1 inch models use a non-illuminated AMX reticle to improve downrange accuracy of any airgun shooter. A more traditional scope design, the Airmax 1 inch models are a great option for hunters that wants to keep the weight of their rifle down.