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Atlas Bipod BT69-NC CAL GEN 2 No Clamp

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The Atlas Bipod BT69-NC No Clamp model has a two hole pattern of 1.100 inches with the holes being 10/32 threads. It requires any 17S size lever style mount to include the ADM-170-S, ARMS 17S, TRAMP from Badger Ordnance, LT271 or any Arca dovetail mount with the same hole pattern. The BT47-NC will also mount directly to our BT19 Spigot and BT21 Bracket.


  • Height Range: 6 inches to 12.25 inches 
  • Cant: 15° +/-
  • 5 leg positions: 0, 45, 90, 135 and 180 degrees
  • Non-Rotating Legs: outer leg does not rotate around inner leg. Larger, stronger inner legs
  • Weight: 14.485 ounces
  • Footprint: 9.25 inches to 16.5 inches
  • SKU: BT69-NC
  • UPC: 810040220210
  • GTIN: 810040220210

More Information:

Using the KMW Pod-Loc:

With the CAL bipod mounted to your rifle, you will be able to lock and un-lock the canting motion by rotating the Pod-Loc lever. Turn clockwise to lock and counter clockwise to un-lock. The Pod-Loc lever position can be adjusted for positioning by pulling the lever directly away from the body of the CAL and rotating to desired position. This positioning can be repeated until optimal position is achieved.