Hawke Sidewinder Scope 8-32×56 SR Pro 17231

Rifle Scope by Hawke

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Hawke Sidewinder Scope 8-32×56 SR Pro 17231Long-range shooting has a very specific set of requirements when it comes to optics. The Sidewinder series of scopes delivers performance and features at an almost unbelievable value. A 30mm mono-tube chassis provides a strong, stable platform for the optics, even when used on brutal long range calibres like the .338 Lapua. Exposed turrets allow for quick, yet precise adjustments, and a variety of magnifications mean no matter what your application or preference, Sidewinder has your long range shooting applications covered. The Sidewinder ED 10-50×60. has been designed with patented interchangeable turrets and extra-low dispersion (ED) glass. Turrets are easy to install and are available in 1?4 MOA, 1?8 MOA and 1?10 MRAD. The Sidewinder 30 SF riflescopes are all fitted with 1?4 MOA turrets. The Sidewinder 30 SF family offers three reticle options, two being different sizes of the popular Half Mil Dot reticle, the third being the SR Pro. The Sidewinder ED features the TMX reticle designed for ultra long-range shooting. Compatible with the Hawke X-ACT software, these reticles allow for your round and gun combination to be blueprinted against the reticle itself, making downrange accuracy easier to achieve than ever.