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Magpul Industries ACS-L™ Carbine Stock – Mil-Spec FDE MAG378-FDE

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The Magpul ACS-L (Adaptable Carbine Stock - Light) Mil-Spec is a drop-in replacement buttstock for AR15/M4 carbines using Mil-Spec sized receiver extension tubes. A streamlined version of the ACS, the ACS-L utilizes the same center storage compartment and cheek weld but removes the battery tubes for a slimmer, lighter weight package.

Made in the USA.


AR10, AR15, M4, M16, M110, SR25


Mil-Spec sized carbine receiver extension tube (not included) from manufacturers such as Colt, Armalite, S&W, LMT, and others

LOP, M4 Collapsed

~11.6 in.

LOP, M4 Extended

~14.9 in.

LOP Adjustment Range

3.3 in.

Length, max

8.0 in.


12.5 oz.

Weight, w/ receiver extension

16.5 oz.

Width, max

2.2 in.

Other Specs

* Friction lock performance may vary depending on the host receiver extension's dimensional tolerances.

** Specifications based on standard-length (flat-back) M4 Carbine Receiver Extension and may vary depending on tube manufacturer.

NOTE: There are two basic sizes of M4 Carbine receiver extensions (buffer tubes): Mil-Spec and Commercial-Spec. If you have a Commercial-Spec extension on your rifle, make sure to order the Commercial-Spec ACS-L.

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