Trijicon AC12033 Quick Release Mount for ACOG VCOG Reflex Sights

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This mount fits all VCOG's, the 1x42 Reflex (with ACOG base), and the 3.5x, 4x and 5.5x ACOG's

The AC12033 quick release mount utilises a single lever system. It features the patented BLAC lever system which requires no manual adjustments to attain a proper, rock solid engagement on a 1913 picatinny rail.

 Distance from Top of Mounting Rail to Optical Axis: 

  • 3x, 4x and 5.5x ACOG = 1.535 inches
  • VCOG = 1.535 inches
  • 1x42 Reflex = 1.506 inches
  • SKU: AC12033
  • UPC: 719307308541

Customer Reviews

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Richard Milford
GOAT QD Mount for ACOG

This is the only ACOG mount I could find that looks like a Bobro mount but has two locking lugs and cuts weight compared to Bobro mount. Hard to find, D&R Sports Center was the only store stocking the Trijicon AC12033 Quick Release Mount.
Return to zero is solid evertime.